Our Logo
The logo for our school is a representation of the ideals that everyone at EDEX believes in.

What embraces the eyes at first glance, when we look at the logo, is a Shield. A Shield that guards the future of not only every student that joins EDEX for their journey towards knowledge, but a shield that guards society itself from decay, by enlightening the torchbearers of tomorrow.

We at EDEX, have organized a curriculum that will lead to the moral sculpting and practical training of leaders of the future, and the projection of this moral code comes in the form of the 5 vertical elements of the logo (the sides of the shield, and the lines within the shield) that represent the 5 pillars of Islam, and how their centrality is prime, to guide the moral setting of our actions.

Gift that parents can lovingly give to their children, and a Gift that is projected by the upper elements of the logo (showcased by the top end of the Shield that morphs into crossed-over ribbons), is powered by the religious values we hold so close to our hearts. EDEX as an institute aims to protect the sanctity and accept the differences in caste, color and creed as a root element of education itself, and this is shown by the convergence of paths at the base of the logo, and the four dots stationed at four equidistant points, highlighting the four corners of the world (North, South, East and West).

The final, most discreet element of the logo is placed tactfully to induce the reminisce of the glorious eras of the Islamic traditions, and all the learning which that period made possible. This element of the logo is by no means apparent or discernible, but once the logo is turned upside down, the image immediately makes itself apparent as a Mimbar (a Pulpit) or even an abstract design of the crown of a minaret.