Message from the Patron


After 33 years of dedicated services in the field of higher education, CECOS has now embarked upon a mission to service even the youngest segments of our nation; the beloved children.

History has now proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it is education, and intellectual development, that plays a pivotal role in the maximization of human potential, and society’s progression. Disasters of a financial, cultural, societal, economical and developmental nature can only ever be properly mitigated, or avoided, through an empowered and educated people; more specifically, the youth.

I am convinced that as a nation, we should solemnly invest in building a better future for ourselves, by enlightening the torch bearers of tomorrow; because for Pakistan, there can be no other route towards prosperity.

We are determined to never compromise on the quality, or rather the excellence, of the education that we deliver, at any cost, and we also promise to improve upon our already distinguished standards every single day.

The Edex School sets out on this journey, keeping in mind the following ideals:

  • To inculcate a deep feeling of patriotism with high moral values among students and endeavor to groom a nation endowed with fear of Allah, the Almighty.
  • To develop the potential and talents of our children, focus on their character building and to encourage them to achieve personal and professional excellence; with the courage, confidence and initiative to bring about change in human society.
  • To modernize the present system of classrooms and make substantial contribution towards the development education delivery methods

I feel that with this initiative, CECOS University is now closer to the mission that we set out three decades ago. I feel a truly heartwarming sense of pride for the immeasurable blessings of the Almighty, and the continued support of all our stake holders. I wish The Edex School, nothing but the highest levels of success for all their endeavors.

CECOS has been focusing on the Quality of Education and with this endeavor, we take all necessary measures for bringing about continued improvements in the Standard of Education. Now, the same principles will govern the teaching in The Edex School.

Muhammad Tanveer Javed Patron, The Edex School
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