Class 1-7
The pupils of level I to VII develop in a caring and cheerful atmosphere based on the principles of love and mutual respect.

Working from our children’s perception of the world, we try to inspire their curiosity, imagination and the beginning of independent thinking. The school enables children to see themselves as confident and competent learners. It provides an atmosphere where each child can achieve his/her own potential. Since children learn within the family as well as in school, close contact is to be maintained between teachers and parents.

Edex children have time to make friends, time to learn and time to grow. They are gently introduced to new routines and boundaries, and we adapt our teaching methods to their individual needs. Children are provided with exceptional opportunities to help them make progress across all areas of learning. Our staff provides an entirely child-centered learning environment in which children enter crammed with excitement. They are enthralled and motivated by the far-reaching range of stimulating, imaginative and exhilarating learning opportunities on offer.

Lessons are theme related,planned and integrated to allow a child to explore all areas of the primary curriculum and prepare them for their middle schooling. We nurture the joy of learning in a warm and colourful environment, providing a gradual introduction to more formal activities and increased self-reliance.We endow with a congenial ambiance to gain extra knowledge of Quran and Sunnah though a variety of audio visual aids.

During snack time the pupils learn table manners, wait for their turn, as well as share and care.Children learn about universal human values  also through hearing stories, value based activities and songs. Virtues such as honesty, compassion and humility are encouraged. Through love and discipline we build the foundations of true character and integrity.